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Blockchain solutions

Geval6 group, ourselves, are an early adopter on Blockchain technologies and we have been building Blockchain solutions for more than 2 years. We are uniquely positioned to help Clients on this business challenge, given the fact that Geval6 group has expertise in Blockchain & Oracle EBS domains.

We have product agnostic blockchain development partners with many blockchain architects and developers. Geval6 Group has strong developer strengths in Hyperledger, Ethereum, Oracle PaaS, Oracle ERP, Oracle SaaS Cloud, System Integrations, Microservices Development, Advance Web development.

Geval6 Group has implemented blockchain solutions in various industries including Pharma, Energy and Retail. Geval6 Group will be happy to brainstorm the blockchain value propositions with stake holders and share demos for some common use cases like Supply Chain, Accounting modules.

Blockchain in business

What Blockchain IS

  • Blockchain enables a tactical method of verification between entities
  • Blockchain provides a static or dynamic registry for storing reference data
  • Blockchain empowers an incentive mechanism in data and information transactions
  • Blockchain when bundled with other technologies provides transformative solutions

What Blockchain is NOT

  • Blockchain is not an automation technology
  • Blockchain is not a business process workflow technology
  • Blockchain is not a data storage technology (so far)
  • Blockchain is not an integration technology

“Rather thinking it as a blockchain solution, your challenge is to visualize outcomes first based on your understanding of what blockchain is”

Geval6 blockchain pathways




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Connect Zebra blockchain with other blockchains, applications and consortiums

Applications, Blockchains & Consortiums

Blockchain common pitfalls

Word of Caution

  • Technologies have matured in providing certain type of solutions. Blockchain should not be considered as a replacement to them.
  • When looking for ROI it is easy for us to make assumptions that are very similar to other technologies. Blockchain technology solutions might provide a new type of ROI which may not typically be measured today.
  • As the blockchain technology landscape is still evolving it is very important not to get boxed into product strategies of the platform product companies.
  • Ex: Oracle, IBM, SAP, Salesforce all have heavily relied upon Hyperledger which is perfect for private permissioned scenarios.
  • There is intranet, internet and then there is hybrid. Our futuristic thinking hat intuition says the same will happen in blockchain world
  • It is important to consider the IoT world, AI(data services) world, Consortiums, Social web, Enterprise Web, all might not use the same blockchain platform. Interoperability is the key.

Your blockchain partner

Our Commitment

Our leadership is a team of Enterprise Architects who have real life experiences building huge ERP, CRM, MDM, Bigdata and HRMS systems for multiple industries using Oracle ERP, Oracle CX, Supply Chain, Salesforce, SAP, Workday and SuccessFactors.

Our Engagement

We engage with our clients as a part of their team in their cutting-edge digital transformations. We bring the best of breed solutions leveraging our strengths and that of our strategic partners.