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M&A Specialized Staffing

A complete M&A talent “SMART-SOURCING” solution.

In a recent study of 150 experienced corporate acquirers conducted by M&A Partners [A business partner] (The State of M&A Integration Effectiveness™ 2014), adequate resourcing was listed by the majority of respondents as BOTH their greatest breakthrough achievement AND their greatest remaining obstacle to consistent integration success. Clearly, M&A is a resource-dependent team sport that must be played with a full complement of the right internal staff executives and experts, outside senior advisers and temporary staff augmentation resources.

In addition to our highly experienced senior M&A consultants, Geval 6 routinely deploys specialized and customized staffing solutions for clients including contract, contract-to-hire and direct-hire placements across a variety of M&A related functions and skill sets. Working through an exclusive partnership with a dedicated team of staffing professionals, Geval 6 Group is able to ensure the right mix of functional and M&A specific skills and experiences to enable clients to accelerate and effectively execute their M&A integration plans.


We believe that we can best serve the client by systematically building on our experiences, knowledge, and relationships to achieve fast, predictable, and consistent performance through a planned combination of processes, systems, technology, content, and relationships. Our commitment is to deliver consistent, high-quality service at a reasonable price-point.

We have an internal and prequalified database of more than 120 M&A IT integration professionals. This gives us a head-start when staffing M&A positions.