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Geval6 Unique BRP Model

  • Have you ever dreamt about owning your professional network rather than making random connections with Recruiters or potential recruits?
  • Have you ever thought about unleashing the potential of your personal network and build a constant revenue stream?
  • Have you ever dreamed of owning a business as a Plan B without making any sales calls?

If you answer was yes to any of the above questions, then let the professionals at Geval6 turn your professional and personal network into a Revenue stream.

Putting it in layman’s terms : You will do the business and reap the benefits along with us – while we fund the projects,
take the big risk and bring our resources to work.

Geval6 is a Professional Consulting Firm owned and operated by some of the best Business Professionals in the Chicago land area.

To become a Geval6 SBRP (Specialist Business Referral Partner), you must have;

  • A network of Business/Human Resources professionals (On-line and or Professional Associations) with the ability to provide Geval6 an opportunity to serve their organization.
  • Relationships with professionals in your network to refer Geval6 as a potential partner in Staff Augmentation and Project Services.

Once you introduce Geval6 Services to your network, a senior-partner at Geval6 will contact your referral to solicit potential business opportunities. Upon securing successful business from your referral, you will be rewarded with:

  • A monthly profit sharing payout
  • An yearly payout of bonus based on overall company performance
  • Get Invited to the yearly Company Partner Meet – Dinner and Ball Game@ Chicago
  • An opportunity to invite others into the SBRP program and get a onetime referral fee.

What we do?

Precision staffing

  • Aspirants provided are highly specialized with the aid of Forte HCM technologies. Only perfect candidates are chosen.
  • They undergo an objective assessment from Forte Intelli Test – the results of which are provided to our client. The candidates also undergo Intelli View – a discrete Video interview process – making fake resumes and fake people a thing of the past.
  • We respond to any need within 48 Hours.
  • We also assure our clients with a 1-week performance guarantee.

Turn-key projects

  • We provide Fixed Price Project support in application Development, Testing Services and Data Management.
  • We have highly qualified (CMM & ISO Certified) Offshore Project teams to support our customer needs, including Hybrid Model part client staff and part G6 execution.

SAP mobility & other mobile solutions

  • Super Specialty SAP and SUP Solutions from the highly experienced teams in SUP.This includes boutique of Mobile app development across iOS, Android or Windows OS. We have a dedicated team of highly specialized staff  to ensure a quick turnaround.

Partnership Accountability:

  • We will be Professional in approaching your contacts for business. Our Business Management Team will ensure that transparency is maintained at all times.
  • We will update you on the progress of the business.
  • We will reach out for your help ONLY RARELY AND AS NEEDED.
  • Your time will always be considered with utmost seriousness. We will ensure that there is no conflict of interest, always.

Like what you hear? – We will schedule a meeting at your convenience to kick off an initial round of discussion.

For more info, reach out to Ms.Rachel Nathan, who will set up calls with Mr.Travis Freund, Our Director and Mr.Bala Pad, G6’s President to take this endeavour forward.
Rachel Nathan – or 847-305- 8081 Ext 302