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Geval6's expertise is twice the sum total of expertise of all experts in our company put together. We believe in individual excellence in their chosen areas but our efforts are team oriented with just one objective – that is to add value to our customers.

Parvathy Sundar

Director & Head - Executive Search

With over 22+ years of experience, Parvathy has a diverse background in HR, including 4 years in HR Recruitment & Generalist roles and 10 years of expertise in HR Payroll for the UK, US and Indian regions. During her career, she has worked with esteemed organizations such as Capgemini, McKinsey & Company, and TalentPro India. I have demonstrated my skills in Project Management and Delivery, Process Transitions, Audits, Operations, and People Development. Has been involved in pilot projects to transition payroll, insurance, and finance processes during various international assignments. Has the adaptability and experience to work effectively in different work cultures and environments. Specialties in several areas including HR Payroll, Recruitment, Transitions, Operations, Customer Service, and People Management.

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