Development of a Sales and Operations platform

Success Stories

About the Customer

For more than 2 decades, our customer has been helping people realize the dream of owning a low-cost, home-based franchise in the home services industry. Over the years, has built a few thousand strong franchisee network across several cities in North America and Mexico. Our customers proven business model is to provide a life-changing opportunity for independent franchise owners and this is done with hands-on training, comprehensive marketing support driving brand awareness, and a results-based leadership team.

Problem Statement

The sales and operations platform provided by the franchise system for use by the individual franchisees had significant gaps in business process enablement, concerns over reliability and quality, and low user satisfaction. Geval6 was roped in to remedy/redevelop the product to overcome these significant shortfalls.

Our Solution

Geval6 assessed the current state of the franchisee sales and operations platform and helped our customer to identify their best path forward. We assessed the platform using both quantitative and qualitative measures of functional and architectural health factors, considering business functional and technical requirements, industry standards, and best practices.

Following this assessment, in close collaboration with the CIO, we developed the vision and business requirements for a replacement solution. Using our internal team of world-class developers and our technical quality assurance center of excellence, we subsequently delivered that replacement solution. It is an enterprise-class, integrated sales and operations platform with rich Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Service Delivery, Configure-Price-Quote, and Supply Chain / Procurement management functionality with web and mobile (iOS and Android) user access.

The platform has since become a strategic asset for the enterprise, providing the franchisees a feature-rich, integrated sales and operations platform, new management insight, and positioning the company for accelerated strategic growth.

Team Structure

Geval6 involvement was in the form of a Smart TeamX engagement. Smart TeamX, essentially, provides the comfort to our customer by making available a set of Geval6 SMEs and Technology experts to work as part of our customer’s team. While the customer is able to retain some of the key aspects of product development such as architecting, product roadmap, they make use of Geval6’s resources to technologically realize their architecture and the product roadmap. Essentially, the team comprised of the following roles

  • Product Manager (Client)

  • Architect & Program Manager (Geval6 onsite)

  • Designers/Developers/Testers (Geval6 offsite)

Architecture and Technologies used

The below diagram depicts the architecture of the system

Technology Portfolio

The following are the technologies and tools that were used to develop the system






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Process Followed

Geval6 followed its typical Global Delivery Model using Agile Methodology involving the following activities

  • Product backlog

  • Sprint backlog

  • Jira and GITHUB used as tools

  • Daily Scrum Meeting

  • Sprint release after testing

  • To production after regression and acceptance

Benefits Accrued
  • Cost effective through our Global Delivery Model

  • Roll out cycle to Franchisees reduced by over 50%

  • Sprint Backlog to Product backlog ratio increased drastically

  • Drove customer revenue to $1M a day through this platform