Salesforce Mobile App - Significance

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10 reasons why the Salesforce Mobile App is so significant to your business
  • 1
    Salesforce's Offline Mobility
  • The benefits of mobile CRM are reliant on internet access via Wi-Fi or a mobile data network. What if you don’t have internet connectivity? Would these benefits still apply?

    Salesforce's mobile CRM version has offline capabilities. As a result, any information gathered can be saved in the Salesforce mobile app using the device’s internal storage. When you do connect to the internet, the mobile CRM will update the information stored on your Salesforce platform.

  • 2
    Access Live Data
  • Mobile CRM allows information to be processed and updated as soon as it is collected. As a result, if a deal is closed while the sales team is on the road, the status will be updated immediately, and all concerned will have access to the latest status in real-time.

  • 3
    Personalization of the sales pitch
  • Salesforce Mobile CRM allows sales team to access the Salesforce database from anywhere at any time. As a result, the sales team has access to all the essential information which may be utilized to customize their sales presentation. This helps in making a presentation that is tailor-made to the situation and hence enhances the chances of success.

  • 4
    Enhancement through partner ecosystem
  • Features that are not available in Salesforce most likely can be rendered by using third-party apps and technologies made available through the partner ecosystem. For e.g., linking of the Salesforce mobile app with a third-party document signature tool will allow sales to get client signatures on new contracts on the spot. There are several such tools available including using smartphone for capturing images or scanning barcodes.

  • 5
    Access latest collaterals and information
  • Salesforce mobile CRM would increase the efficiency of the sales team by letting them access the latest sales collaterals and information. This will ensure they are on the field meeting customers rather than spend time coming to the office. This will ensure more lead are generated which in turn helps in business growth.

  • 6
    Customization options are aplenty
  • Using built-in features as-is will make the application routine and uni-dimensional. While the data is the same, functionalities are the same, how they are rendered depends on several aspects. Each department may want the same data presented in different ways, each user should access what is relevant for them and what they can access, different offices can have different process depending on what law applies in their area and so on & so forth. There are several ways to customize the Salesforce Mobile App and here are just a few examples

    • Custom Layouts: You can configure the Salesforce software to display only the information you and your team require. Users may get the information they need on the go with their cellphones, and critical information can be saved in easy-to-record IDs.

    • Personalization: Different members of your team will require different views of the same information. You can delete or add things to the list depending on the purpose of the work.

    • Custom user interface: Depending on one's roles & responsibilities, Salesforce mobile app display can vary. One can include actions that are relevant to your CRM mobile apps group. One can have an activity bar at the bottom of the app that allows you and your team to create records on the go, such as leads, event registrations, lodging bills etc.

  • 7
    Consolidated 360-degree view of your potential customers
  • If you utilize the Salesforce mobile app, you'll also have access to Customer 360, a platform for managing support service data. It provides granular identification and a high-quality customer experience, notably in sales, services, and marketing, through numerous client engagement modes. Customer 360 can be used in conjunction with other goods or services, such as the marketing cloud, company cloud, or service cloud.

    It provides a holistic view of the customer across all channels, encouraging customers to participate more actively and have more personalized experiences.

  • 8
    Generate quality leads
  • Generating and qualifying leads in Salesforce using Salesforce Mobile app can save lot of time & efforts. All the information, fulfilling requirements, actions, and calls are contained in the salesforce mobile app timeline helping sales team to act then and there.

  • 9
    Effective time management
  • When you have all the relevant information about clients and all the support resources needed, you can manage your time with least effort. You have all the information you require from clients to prioritize your work, you can also use the built-in calendar capabilities to see your schedule in great detail.

  • 10
    It is simple to get notifications and updates
  • Thanks to in-app alerts, you and your team will be able to reply quickly to authorization requests and discussion references from within the app. This ensures that the on-field team does not miss any crucial information while on the field. This is vital for companies that rely heavily on collaboration; maintaining team interactions in the Salesforce Mobile App and CRM keeps everything in one place enabling sharing of information and adhering to processes.