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Salesforce Mobile App

    Why Mobile CRM?

    How well your business does, depends largely on how well your sales and marketing does. Needless to state, any opportunity which slips through your fingers for whatever reason can cost dearly to your business. This is precisely where a customer relationship management (CRM) system comes into play to minimize such losses. Moreover, to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment, a strong and robust CRM infrastructure becomes mandatory. This is where Salesforce, being one of the best in the market, comes into play.

    Which form of Salesforce you implement depends entirely on the mode of operation of your Sales & Marketing (S&M). If all your S&M activities happen from within your office, a cloud version of the Salesforce would work very well. However, if you have sales and service employees who spend much of their time out in the field, the Salesforce Mobile App, as an addon, can help you get the most out of your CRM.

    This mobile CRM includes many of the same capabilities as the cloud version and has the option to add more. As a result, Salesforce Mobile CRM is gaining a lot of traction. Salesforce, probably, is the best CRM platform in the market and is extremely feature rich and this makes the Salesforce mobile CRM a very powerful and handy tool in the hands of the sales people. You can easily take care of most of your CRM tasks with the Salesforce smartphone app.

    What is Salesforce Mobile App

    This is a mobile cloud-based customer relationship management system that enables the company to evolve on all levels into a healthier, more efficient, and far more effective organization. Salesforce has long been regarded as one of the most powerful and innovative CRM platforms available. Simply said, the Salesforce Mobile App is a streamlined, personalized version of your CRM that is tailored for your phone or tablet.

    You can view and create reports, manage leads and prospects, connect with your team, and much more using the Salesforce Mobile App. Also, Salesforce Mobile App lets the marketing team get to the Salesforce repository from almost anywhere and at any time. As a result, the marketing department has access to all pertinent and the latest data that is processed and used to customize sales reports. Instead of using a standard marketing approach for each lead, this personalized marketing strategy generates lot of interest and curiosity amongst the prospects.

    The below figure gives an indication of benefits of Salesforce Mobile App.


    The most important thing to remember!

    From filtering and properly forwarding emails to automating the management of customer repositories, CRM systems ensures integrity in the data and the processes, which in turn improves business efficiency. Regardless of the business, Salesforce Mobile App CRM aims to boost productivity to levels that would otherwise be impossible. New employees will be able to pick up where their predecessors left off because all information is unified and up to date. In addition, enterprise clients can communicate directly with center-layer apps to avoid contact gaps and lost dialogue sharing opportunities.

    Salesforce has benefited many companies in increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. However, to further enhance the benefits, it is essential to provide remote access to the CRM repository and Salesforce has responded to this need by enhancing its mobility features helping the sales people and service technicians who are constantly on the move.