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Legacy Transformation

In Geval6, we understand that while the vast range of latest technologies are exciting, there are a large number of customers who still heavily depend on mission critical business applications running on technologies such AS/400.


Old is Gold and New is Diamond


While Geval6’s legacy transformation primarily revolves around AS/400, we believe that we have the ability to smoothly replicate these services on other legacy platforms.

Customers who run business applications on legacy platforms including AS/400, have the following challenges

  • Applications running on these platforms for ages are mission critical and robust, hence replacing them is not a solution

  • In this age of competition, there is ever growing demand for more functionalities, some of which are business process enhancements but rest are aligned to newer technologies such as cloud, mobility, AI etc.

  • Customer’s main challenge in achieving these demands is availability (and retention) of legacy skills.

This is where Geval6 is able to support our customers through our technology team, which has expertise in heterogonous technologies including legacy platforms. Those with legacy skillsets are also able to get opportunities to work on other technologies and vice-versa. This ability helps us to retain and grow the skills required to provide legacy transformation services.

Our Offerings

Geval6’s offerings in this area covers our customers need from maintaining their mission critical applications to helping them adapt newer technologies. This is made possible through a process where we are able to move from zero documentation to complete user and technical documentation by studying the applications. Geval6 offers the following services in this space

Application Support

Application Support

  • If your core team is working on a new development, we can come in to help you sustain your live running applications. Our support and maintenance expertise involve daily, periodic and ad-hoc activities.

Testing Services

Testing Services

  • Through our time-tested Legacy Testing & Maintenance process we understand the clients’ entire suite of applications business flow and come up with a Test Plan, create Test Process documentation and executions.

Re-engineering & Migration

Re-engineering & Migration

  • Geval6’s Re-engineering solutions provide strategies, proven methodologies and tools that help our customers to re-engineer, rather than replace their existing AS/400 systems.

Our Process

We have a 4 stage methodology to reach to a settled state. Legacy applications are invariably mission critical ones and taking over requires a process driven approach which is what is described below

  • This would be Knowledge transfer stage where knowledge about the current computing environment will be gathered including about the

  • Business processes

  • Applications

  • Protocols & Processes

  • The required infrastructure and the connectivity would be setup during this stage.



  • Once the knowledge has been gathered, infrastructure has been setup, live tasks will be handled in parallel to customer's efforts. This would help in

  • Fine tuning the processes and the infrastructure.

  • Strengthen our understanding of the Business Processes and applications.

  • Establish the collaboration with the customer.

Steady State
  • At this stage, customer would handover live tasks in a phased manner and our team would have been plugged into customer's operational process. In this stage, Geval 6 would

  • Handle production support.

  • Take care of development support.

  • Adhere to SLA levels established.

Steady State

Auto Pilot

Auto Pilot
  • This is when the complete transition would have taken place and

  • A tailored Agile process would be used for efficient delivery.

  • Customer would be almost hands-off and can focus on new initiatives.

  • Geval 6 and the Customer would move from a Vendor-Customer to a Partnership mode.

Our Technology Portfolio


AS/400 OS

AS/400 Languages



AS/400 Utilities

Version Control

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Our Team of Experts

All our experts have a good understanding of both worlds of technologies and are able to effectively take care transitioning customer requirements to the implementation team.