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Top Technology Expertise,

Geval6 is not About Us

It is About Our Customers

We go beyond the vendor-customer relationship and serve as a trusted partner to our customers for all their technology needs. We stand by our customers when needed the most.


Geval 6 is all about Generating Values Together

Geval6 is a global technology services company serving as a trusted technology partner to our customers. Our belief that we grow if our customers grow, helps us deliver true value to our customers by using technology as only an enabler but actually address their business challenges.


Our services include
  • Digital Commerce, Mobility Solutions, and Workforce Solutions.

  • Legacy system support helps our customers re-engineer their applications.

  • Workforce solutions help customers surf through the surges and ebbs on IT Resource demand.

  • Specialized practices like Salesforce practice helps in implementation and integration of business applications.

  • Center of excellence in software testing provides a holistic solution to software testing as a service.

Why Geval6

Geval 6 is all about generating values together

Geval 6 believes in true partnership with our clients. We believe in growth fuelled by delivering true value in addressing our clients’ business challenges. Generating Value by combining the synergies of a professional team of SMEs, a clear and best practices driven process and most importantly an ethics driven management. Internally we invest in enriching the life of every one of our constituents by valuing their contribution and rewarding the same.

Our services and solutions are driven by ONE goal – DELIVER VALUE – resulting in the following for our clients:

  • Enhancement of revenues by providing a technology edge over competition

  • Control and reduce the operating costs by optimizing technology usage without any compromise.

  • We are big enough to handle any technology problem, small enough to be nimble and flexible.

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Quantitative Reasons to go with Geval6

20+ years
in the Industry
US$ 20M
Group Revenue
Happy Customers
Countries We are in
Repeat Business

Our Team

Geval 6 is led by committed business professionals and a core team of senior partners.

Geval6 has been started by like-minded professionals with complementing expertise with the sole purpose of providing value to our customers using their expertise. The management team has a combined experience of over 150 person-years in the IT industry and strong academic and industry qualifications.

We encourage and thrive in innovative thinking and in disruptive and effective solutions to solve emerging customer problems. Our Value Systems are based on these parameters – Honesty, Commitment & Relationship. Our intent is to generate, build, and strengthen long lasting relationships anchored on the above and reinforced through our performance.


Our customer service motto is to Stay with the Customer and Grow with the Customer and they range from small start-ups to Fortune 50 Companies.

Employee Speak

At Geval6, the employees are always motivated to go beyond their call of duty, to acquire newer skills, and out-perform themselves in multiple areas through an environment of continuous learning and team collaboration. Performance excellence is recognized through various employee awards program. Employees are encouraged to speak out on various platforms where the leadership team is part of.

Values & Policies

Geval, essentially is derived from the phrase "Give Value". The Object which gets enhanced depends on the "Entity" to which it applies.

To customers,
we provide "Peace of Mind"

Our customer service motto "Stay with the customer and Grow with the customer" shows what we are to our customers. We want to be part of Customer’s pains and gains. We gain only when the customer gains.

To our employees,
we provide "Career"

Employees are the heart of Geval6. What employees need is a work environment that enables learning and this is precisely what we provide through a combination of challenging customer engagements and HR policies that let our employees stray into unchartered territories.

To the Community,
we provide "Well-being"

By being true to

  • The law of the land

  • The public by keeping as far away as possible from "nuisance"

  • The community by doing our little bit in participating in philanthropic activities

Policies at Geval6 are statement of intent to provide the above “Values”, implementation rules are framed by a governance body within the organization and a team implements the policies on the ground following the rules framed by the governance body.