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Geval6’s Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) ensures we use the latest in Techniques, Processes and Tools to enable Software Testing as a service to our customers. As focus on quality rises, so does the need to perform testing in an industrialised and cost-efficient way.


If software development is an art, Quality teaches the developers how to get there


At Geval6, Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) has moved from being a Shared Resource to a Practice over several carefully planned steps

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    Initially, we established a Standard Governance Process, helping us move from Chaos to Order. Testing resources, being part of the project teams, are governed by some simple Quality policies, Formulate basic Measurable test parameters and follow dotted line reporting for collaboration.

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    Then, we made testing as a shared resource by which we were able to standardize on testing tools and established fundamental collaboration principles with the development team including setting up a test and staging environment.

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    Subsequently, we encouraged resources to get certified in specialized quality skills such as ISTQB, CSTE, CASTP (for Agile), PSD (SCRUM) etc. Also, enabled Geval6 to look at expertise based teams within testing.

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    Finally, we matured into a Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) as a service provider both to internal projects as well as to our customers, as an independent expertise.

Our Offerings

Geval6’s offerings in this area covers a wide variety of software testing and complementing services. Geval6 offers the following services in this space

Manual Testing

Manual Testing

  • Testing of wide variety of applications from Web Apps to Mobile Apps to Large business applications. Our TCOE experts would be carrying out activities such as Requirements Understanding, Identification of Test Conditions and development of Test Case Titling, Test Case design, Test Case Execution and Test Reporting.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

  • Geval6 has created a repository of Checklists, Process guidelines and reusable test cases and combined with RTM, we are able to perform Functional testing to certify product release.

Test Automation

Test Automation

  • Our team would be able to automate testing using a wide variety of tools and scripting languages. Automation would involve activities such as Feasibility Analysis, Tool & Framework Selection, Build POC, Develop test scripts and analyse test results. Our general approach to automation would be

  • Start with Smoke Testing to ensure happy path coverage is achieved

  • Continue with Functional Regression to ensure stability of the application

  • Make it parallel to merge automation with Sprint release

QA Staffing

QA Staffing

  • As part of our Smart TeamX offering, we will be able to provide an effective solution to have a QA team as an extended arm of our customer’s team. Resources being part of our TCOE, our customers automatically get access to SMEs in various techniques and tools as well as a repository of best practices used in the past.

Agile Methodology Consulting

Agile Methodology Consulting

  • Our Scrum certified Agile Practitioners can help organizations run projects using Agile Methodology as well as provide Agile Coaching to internalize practicing agile methodology. Our Agile practitioners can help organizations

  • Run a project using Agile Methodology.

  • Manage the entire gamut of activities such as Creating Product Backlog, running sprints, conducting all meetings, presenting various reports.

  • Setup the Project Management repositories such as User Stories, Documents.

  • Setup processes for Configuration Management, Sprint tracking.

  • Implement CI/CD pipeline.

Our Process

The process that we follow in each of our offerings is depicted below

Manual Testing
  • Our manual testing involves the full gamut of activities from understanding the requirements, creating an RTM to test plan to analyse test reports. Some highlights are

  • Test cases are designed to ensure extensive test coverage.

  • We ensure complete traceability of the business requirements vis-à-vis test cases designed.

  • We generate reports containing various test metrics which can then be analysed for improvements.

Manual Testing

Functional Testing

Functional Testing
  • With applications becoming more complex, enterprises face challenges in functional testing to achieve a bug-free production quality software. We do the following to address the challenges

  • Use of established and matured processes.

  • Use of tools and technology expertise along with domain knowledge

Test Automation
  • Hightlights of our test automation includes

  • Understanding the automation needs, application landscape and feasibility.

  • Tool selection considering the scope and budget.

  • Perform a test run of the test scripts to ensure desired results.

  • Start on a guarded note with happy path testing and progress towards parallel automation.

Test Automation

Our Technology Portfolio


Test Case Management

Activity Tracking & Reporting

Functional Test Automation



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Our Team of Experts

Our team of experts have delivered testing projects of all sizes and complexities, covering both functional and non-functional phases of the system, involving manual testing as well as test automation. Our experts have been involved in the entire lifecycle of testing in projects including requirements analysis, test strategy/plan, test design & implementation, execution, automation script development, bug tracking, reporting and support.