Workforce Solutions

Consulting Teams

Our hugely successful SMEs and technology experts combined with our best-in-class product for HCM (ForteHCM) along with a proven recruitment process, we deliver access to both known and new talent to fill critical roles and reduce costs.


You have What you have plus What you don’t


For many organizations, having a broader, more holistic and proactive approach delivered through an effective Workforce Solution for talent acquisition is the best way to gain a competitive advantage.

Talent management and recruiting challenges are becoming more complex, given a number of challenging situations

  • Economic uncertainty

  • Skill shortages & Shortfalls in productivity levels

  • Increased globalization of the workforce

  • Technological innovation

Geval6, with its rich experience in serving several global customers successfully over several years, can effectively address the complex workforce challenges organizations face today. What’s more, having one centralized solution for both permanent and contingent talent acquisition ensures a consistent experience throughout for all the stake holders.

Our Offerings

Geval 6’s Practical no-nonsense Consulting Team Solutions help our customer’s manage the investments made in IT talent acquisition in three key staffing areas:

Contingent/Contract Labor Workforce Solutions

Contingent/Contract Labor Workforce Solutions

  • Our Just In Time, need-based service for contingent and contract labor covers the following requirements

  • Onsite

  • Partially Remote

  • Fully Remote

  • We will also ensure remote consultants are able to adhere to required work discipline including travel to work place.

Direct Placement Workforce Solutions

Direct Placement Workforce Solutions

  • We do realize that hiring permanent staff involves a fairly involved recruitment cycle starting from sourcing to joining formalities. We will find Top Technology Talent and Deliver them to you for your permanent headcount openings by handling a large part of the recruitment cycle ourselves.

Our Process

Our Consulting Team Solutions provide a centralized view and model for obtaining necessary talents across an organization – both full-time employees, as well as contingent workers (including contract and statement of work (SOW) providers).

  • Our focus is very clear, make our customer spend as little time as possible to select the right talent. To achieve the goal we use the following

  • 1

    Huge pool of talent and SMEs in various technologies and subjects

  • 2

    Augmentation of internal pool with external consultants and freelancers through MSAs

  • 3

    Huge pool of pre-qualified profiles through our internally developed database, PQRDB

  • 4

    Home grown web proctoring tool called ForteHCM for evaluation

  • All these are combined with a proven process to select the right talent.

Our Team of Experts

Our success in serving our customers in this area can be attributed entirely to how our customer facing experts are able to understand the needs and on how our backend experts in HR and Technology/business are able to identify candidates who have the required knowledge and skills plus the attitude required to take on the responsibilities.