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When our workforce can make a mountain, why use them to build a molehill? This is where Geval6 steps in to help our customers automate routine tasks using RPA while their knowledge workers spend their time & energy addressing more challenging tasks.


Automation is cost cutting by letting your knowledge workers produce more.


Automation to hyperautomation - we have been there, done them all. We can help you define the Automation Strategy and drive results. Be it RPA to automate digital tasks or adding a layer of intelligence through Intelligent Automation (IA) over RPA, we have the capability to implement optimum solution for our customer’s automation needs using Machine Learning, Process Analytics and Cognitive Technologies like Computer Vision, NLP and Fuzzy Logic.

Using world-class RPA tools, frameworks and practices we can create software robots, or “bots”, that can learn, mimic, and then execute rules-based business processes. Through automation, we bring in Digital workers to perform repetitive, predictable tasks and help our customers utilize their Knowledge Workers to focus on high value tasks. This is achieved through creation of bots which learn by observing human digital actions. In the process of automation, we also ensure that tasks are carried out around the clock, nonstop, much faster and without “human error”.

Hyperautomation essentially marries the good of AI tools with RPA and takes the automation to next level by automating the automation - dynamically discovering business processes and creating bots to automate them.

Our Offerings

Geval 6’s automation solutions are offered based on both Automation Anywhere and UiPath. We aspire to provide end-to-end automation solutions.

Vision & Strategy

Vision & Strategy

  • Defining and drafting the Automation strategy vision, drive and measure results.

Enterprise RPA

Enterprise RPA

  • End-to-end RPA+AI platform for automating any business process, across various verticals.

  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing, Retail & Logistics

Cloud Ready Solutions

Cloud Ready Solutions

  • Deploy solutions On-Premises or Enterprise Cloud or existing Cloud infrastructure (Azure, GCP or AWS).

Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

  • Leverage, establish and drive RPA COE Services to successfully scale your automation journey. An automation centre of excellence (COE) includes the people, processes, and technology necessary to

  • Maximize the benefits of automation

  • Find new automation area and

  • Scale automation within the organization

Managed Services (Automation)

Managed Services (Automation)

  • Simply put, a Managed Service is designed to handle the daily operations of your specialized applications enabling your in-house IT to focus on more strategic IT programs. Some of the key functions that can be automated include

  • Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

  • Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Our Process

The process we adopt takes advantage of the traditional Agile Methodology tailored to include specific steps that are key to implement any RPA solution.

RPA Implementation Process
  • A six step process helps us implement automation solution in a manner which will allow our customer’s smooth transition from Manual process. Our process takes into account the following characteristics of business processes

  • Inefficient processes identification through metrics.

  • RPA Framework driven implementation

  • Process Categorization as Simple or Complex based on the activity.

  • Evaluate use of Intelligent Automation (IA) and AI based on need for manual intervention.

RPA Implementation Process

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Our Team of Experts

Our RPA experts have solid experience in Business Processes and in using Automation technologies.