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Software and Hardware are enablers for Business Performance. Geval 6, through its time tested IT Infrastructure support service, will ensure smooth functioning of both Software and Hardware for unhindered Business Performance. Geval6’s infrastructure services provide support for a wide variety of storage and server OS and integrated software.


Live with a problem is a thing of the past


Be it Software/OS support for platforms like EMC, NetApp or professional services seeking turnkey solution or Managed Services involving System Admin, Database Admin and Application Support, Geval6 has the expertise to help our customers stay free of IT problems. Our Software Support services is a one-stop solution for all our customer’s IT support needs.

Our Software Support Service

  • Provides our client an opportunity to expand their Hardware support contract bundled with Geval6 Software support

  • Eliminates separate SOW with OEM or other service providers

  • Covers several OEM platforms including EMC, NetApp and IBM

Our software support service is not bound by “scope of engagement”. We handle several admin tasks which are considered outside of scope and it is a double whammy since it comes with significant cost savings.

Our Offerings

Geval6’s offerings in the Software Support area are

Platinum Software Support

Platinum Software Support

  • Our platinum support includes

  • 24x7 Remote Telephone Support covering all elements as provided by the OEM

  • Mirrored OEM support excluding Firmware updates/patches, and Licensing constraints

  • Customized Software support offerings to Multi-Vendor Support (MVS) or Third Party Maintenance (TPM) providers

  • Adhering to an SLA

Professional Services

Professional Services

  • Manage spike in your support needs using our professional services

  • Through onsite technology services

  • For an agreed period of time

  • Involving System and Database Admin as well as Application support

  • Including Cloud Transformation be it GCP, Azure or AWS

Managed Service

Managed Service

  • While you focus on your core expertise we take care of your IT through our Managed Services

  • Involving complete outsourcing of distinct parts of your IT infrastructure

  • Governed by an SLA

Application Software Support

Application Software Support

  • Run your running of your Application software platforms smoothly through our Application Software Support which

  • Covers platforms like SAP and Oracle EBS

  • Involves activities such as Installation, Upgradation and Optimization

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

  • This involves one or more of

  • Consultant services for short term consulting for a specific project ranging from a week to several months (as maybe needed)

  • On-demand services wherein the client buys certain blocks of service hours and uses them ‘on demand’ basis. This can be for services such as SAN and Database

Our Process

Process is the key to the success of any support services. We use one which is transparent and predictable.

Some highlights of our process are
  • Our process follows a Register - Acknowledge - Feedback - Resolve cycle.

  • At the center of our process is a ticketing system. Acknowledgement and Feedback are provided for transparency.

  • Governed by an SLA or SOW.

Some highlights of our process are

Our Technology Portfolio






Application Platform


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Our Team of Experts

Our team of experts consist of those who have “dirtied their hands" in providing software support. Essentially they are “Doctors” for “IT Infrastructure”. They can anticipate solutions based on symptoms as well as suggest preventive measures to avoid such problems in future.