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Window of Opportunity is indirectly proportional to the T in the TCQ (Time Cost Quality) triangle. Geval6’s Smart TeamX solution helps our customers to Right Size the T to take full advantage of the opportunity without compromising on the C and Q.


Partners feel the pain and gain together


You have an idea and you are caught between the devil and the deep sea. Funding availability combined with limited window of opportunity can be a real killer

Here is where our Smart TeamX solutions come in handy with the following benefits

  • Build a holistic offshore development team while you retain the IPR and the core product activities such as architecture.

  • Tackle project challenges with greater dexterity by optimal use of in-house resources. Manage temporary fluctuations in workload without increasing permanent staff.

  • Enhance your capability through the multi-technology multi-role Geval6 team and handle the ebb & flow of resource needs

  • Nearshore or offshore or onsite or a combo, we can do all for you as a one-stop solution for staffing.

  • Save on Cost – Complete projects at hand without the expense, delay, or inconvenience of lengthy recruitment and assessment processes.

  • What more, you can speed up your development through a 24/7 support by making use of the Time Zone difference.

Geval6 has worked with global customers successfully over several years in the form of being part of the customer’s product development team as well as in providing maintenance and support to our customers using legacy business applications. All using our Smart TeamX solutions which help them in scaling up as well as scaling down, both at short notices.

Our Offerings

Geval6's essentially opens its arms for partnerships through its Smart TeamX solution...

Product Partner

Product Partner

  • You have a product idea, we help you develop. We will partner with you in the development from the research to go-to market stage and subsequently, be with you to provide customer support and develop further versions. We will be your partner because we are willing to share the pain and the gain along with you…

Support Partner

Support Partner

  • While development attracts talent, support deflects them. Customer’s always find that the enthusiasm that exists amongst the team while developing slowly wanes down once it moves into support mode. We will be your partner to take over support activities because we have solutions to keep the team excited always through our HR policies

QA Partner

QA Partner

  • The difference between product development conclusion and completion is the QA function. QA team being separate from the development team ensures test completion. While you take care of the development, we will be your QA partner to make testing non-emotional and objective

Our Process

Our Global Delivery Model, tailored for our Smart TeamX solution, provides a cost effective solution to our customers while optimizing on leveraging our expertise.

Global Delivery Model
  • Our team structure, activities and process are entirely based on the above delivery model. With a disciplined approach to software development and the quality process followed at Geval6, caters to both Waterfall and Agile methodologies. Geval6 has, in its fold, certified quality analyst, testers and Scrum masters to follow through the processes.

  • We use several supporting tools as part of our process like for task allocation and monitoring (like JIRA), Timesheet maintenance (Clockify), Version control (like BitBucket, OpenCVS and Subversion), Collaboration tools (like Skype, GITHUB). Our team also has experts to implement DevOps.

Global Delivery Model

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