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Technology Transformation

Geval 6’s Technology Transformation is backed by a strong heterogeneous technical team supported by wealth of Best Practices and robust processes built over several years of providing services to our customers.


You mind your business, we will mind your technology


Geval 6’s Technology Transformation service addresses the evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet business requirements. Our Technology Transformation methodology can be used for new Application Development, existing application enhancements as well as application consolidation. Some of the complexities involved in using technology for your business lies in the vast options that are in front of us, such as

  • Should it be on premise or cloud?

  • How do I ensure my business data is protected?

  • Will the technology deployed today work tomorrow?

  • What will happen to my business if my IT infrastructure breaks down?

Geval 6 steps in to ensure these complexities do not bog your business down.

Our robust processes built through involvement in several Technology Transformation engagements for our customers covers pre-project activities such as understanding high level requirements, prototype development to on-project activities such as Requirements gathering, Solution Architecting, Designing, Developing, Testing and implementation to ensure none of these complexities are left unaddressed. Be it the Water fall or the Agile methodology, we have the resources and tools to execute the project.

Our Offerings

Geval 6’s offerings in this area covers varied customer needs and challenges involving technologies and business requirements. Geval 6 offers the following services in this space

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

  • We help our customers in integrating digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers. This would cover

  • Customer experience

  • Operational Agility

  • Workforce Enablement

  • Technology Integration

Re-engineering & Migration

Re-engineering & Migration

  • Geval 6’s Re-engineering solutions provide strategies, proven methodologies and tools that help our customers to re-engineer, rather than replace their existing legacy systems and then enable Digital Transformation. This would involve a step ladder approach

  • Start with Application Consolidation

  • Achieve Technology Transformation

  • Move to Digital Transformation

Product Co-development

Product Co-development

  • You have a product idea, we help you develop. Our product development solutions enable our customers to reduce development costs and time-to-market, improve quality of service and maximize operational effectiveness.

Application Support & Maintenance

Application Support & Maintenance

  • If your core team is working on a new development, we can come in to help you sustain your live running applications. Our support and maintenance expertise involving a process consisting of understanding the application to providing end user support to implementing enhancements.

Our Process

Be it Waterfall or Agile methodologies, Geval 6 has been there done that. With customer's preferring the Agile way of executing projects, we are geared up to use this for all our engagements.

Agile Methodology - with a difference
  • We use the Agile Methodology extensively in all our projects. While, traditionally, Agile is best fit when development happens over an existing set of code base, we have tailored it for use for projects to be developed from scratch. The process that we use is holistic and can be used for projects

  • To be developed from scratch

  • Involving requirements gathering

  • Needing prototypes

  • With maintenance and support activities

Agile Methodology - with a difference

Global Delivery Model

Global Delivery Model
  • For most of our projects, we use our Global Delivery Model, which provides best of both worlds advantage to our customers. Have critical resources in close proximity for control and comfort, use technical resources off premise to derive cost advantage.

  • Advantages of our Global Delivery Model

  • Customer focusses on core business

  • Geval 6 focusses on technology

  • Cost Effective

  • Use of different Time Zones for 24/7 development

  • Handles both Waterfall and Agile methodologies

Our Technology Portfolio



Mobile Computing

Web Development

Frameworks & Application Servers

BI/DW, Dashboard







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Our Team of Experts

Successful technology transformation experts exhibit breadth across multiple disciplines and depth in a subset of those. Our experts are a combination of Project Managers, Process Managers, Solution Architects and deep technologists, each of them have a good understanding of each of these roles but exhibit deep understanding of one of these roles.