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Our digital commerce Practice offers end-to-end services to organizations to transform the way they engage, transact and service their customers.


Provide a Virtual Reality Experience to Online Shoppers


Businesses have several reasons to consider digital commerce as part of their growth strategy

  • Retail buyers want a buying experience which completely hides the complexities underneath that brings them the comfort of shopping from anywhere any place.

  • Retail buyer's confidence in online shopping is increasing by the day due to the obvious advantages it offers such as One-Stop-Shop, Options, Best fit features & pricing and the comfort of shopping from anywhere anyplace.

Businesses realizing the shift in buyer's preference, are also moving from bricks-and-mortar shops to Digital Commerce stores. And this in turn requires that retailers come up with new business models, sales channels and strategy to expand their business.

Geval6 precisely provides this support to organizations to handle the complexities underneath to make their customers feel at ease.

Our Offerings

Geval6 offers end-to-end e-commerce services and solutions from online store setup, webstore management, warehouse logistics, payment gateway, digital marketing and data analytics. Geval6 offers the following services in this space



  • Our consultants, with several years of experience in building digital commerce sites, will work with our customers to prepare the specification for the e-commerce portal. This would essentially address, among others, the following aspects

  • Brand Building & Customer engagement approaches

  • Strategy for high quality user experience

  • Building Trust to ensure customer confidence

Portal implementation

Portal implementation

  • Be it B2C, B2B or Online Marketplace, Geval6 has the expertise to implement using the best of tools and frameworks. Our solutions are intuitive, secure, and scalable and help our customers grow their business. We could build the portal

  • Using standard building blocks

  • Ground up using classic develop methodologies

Mobile App..

Mobile App..

  • Any B2C Digital Commerce site would also need a good mobile presence to ensure maximum customer reach. Our Mobility Solutions expertise ensures our Customers are able to reach their Customers with ease. Typical characteristics of development would be

  • Mobile App works in conjunction with a backend Web App

  • Web App is designed to expose web services for mobile apps to consume

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

  • Our web design ensures optimization for every device and screen size. The approach that we follow for the design ensures that the look & feel experience is maintained across all devices.

System Integration

System Integration

  • A Digital Commerce system is more than just the portal. There are several sub-systems such as ERP, CRM, BI, Vendor Systems, that need to work together to get the desired results. We can

  • Use any middleware such as Mulesoft, Informatica, Dell Boomi.

  • Develop custom web services at both ends.

Backend Support

Backend Support

  • A strong backend support is a must to keep the portal alive and kicking. Support would involve activities to keep the data & information up-to-date and reliable, updating of the content, data analysis, performance tuning and providing SEO and SMM support.

Our Process

The process we adopt depends on the nature of portal development to be undertaken. There are portals which can be built through standard blocks through configuration and there are portals which are built ground up involving complex business process and integration to enterprise applications to providing mobile interface.

Using Standard Building Blocks
  • Geval6 has the expertise to build an ecommerce portal through configuration and setting up of tools available in the market.

  • The advantage of this approach is to bring up the portal in quick time and doesn’t require much of development and customization.

  • The disadvantage of this approach is the limitation in terms of this being a silo system and possible performance issues.

Using Standard Building Blocks

Ground up Development

Ground up Development
  • Ground up development involves all activities of developing a typical complex enterprise application. The architecture involves frontend, access control, integration with both enterprise systems as well as external services like payment gateway, backend interface including web services and a database.

  • We typically follow an agile methodology for the development. However, based on the current status, we could go the Waterfall methodology to start with and then move on to Agile for subsequent phases of the project.

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Our Team of Experts

We have experts who have excellent understanding of Digital Commerce from a technology perspective and those who have excellent understanding of Digital commerce from a Business perspective. An effective team would comprise both these experts.